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EANECE has a clear governance structure comprising National Focal Points, the Secretariat and the Executive Committee.

National Focal Points

The EANECE Charter mandates respective national environmental agencies to assign a senior officer involved in implementation, compliance monitoring and enforcement of environmental legislation in the respective countries as National Focal Point (NFP). The NFPs are the official link persons between in-country stakeholders, the Secretariat and other partners. They oversee the affairs of the national networks within the respective member countries and coordinate all EANECE activities within their country.

Executive Committee

The Charter also establishes the Executive Committee composed of representatives of each East African member country, sponsoring development partners and donors, and a Regional Network Coordinator who also serves as the Secretary to the Committee. Among a series of roles, the Executive Committee serves as the governing body of the Network and provides overall guidance to help realize the network’s mission and objectives. The committee sets the goals, policies, activities, annual work programs and financial plans of the Network; reviews and approves work products; and fosters cooperation and institutional strengthening on compliance and enforcement.


EANECE also has a Secretariat headed by the Regional Network Coordinator.  According to the Charter, the secretariat may employ such other staff as may be necessary for the smooth running of the network affairs. The EANECE Secretariat is currently housed by the Environmental Compliance Institute (ECI)